A power passed down through generations.
A people hungry for freedom.
The time for change has come.

Since its founding, the matriarchal society of Corinas has existed under the oppressive rule of the Masters of the Conclave, who use powerful child Adepts to aid in their governance. Rebellions have come and gone, but none have managed to displace the Conclave’s iron-fisted control.

Now, a new group of rebels hopes to succeed where others have failed. Nyona, a former Adept who only wanted to live her life free of the Conclave, is unwillingly thrust into the rebellion’s efforts when she finds a forbidden book containing the secrets to controlling her daughter’s Ability. Together with Mathis, a Guardsman who joined the rebellion after his parents’ execution, Nyona will help the rebels destroy the Conclave’s power—or die trying.

Power of the Conclave (The World of Corinas Book 2)

The exciting return to the World of Corinas!

Eighteen months have passed since the rebellion escaped certain defeat at the hands of the Masters of the Conclave. Mathis has finally rejoined his rebel companions, as has Alia, a former Adept of the Conclave who still retains her psychic powers. The two are eager to continue the fight for the future of their country, Corinas.

As the rebellion’s influence grows, however, Headmaster Gersemi is willing to do whatever it takes to secure her authority, no matter the consequences. But when the Conclave’s powerful child Adepts begin to disappear, both the Masters and the rebels must make difficult choices—and their decisions will determine who will control Corinas for good.




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