Scrivener 3 is here!

An update to my most favorite writing software for Macs is now available from the fine folks at Literature & Latte. You can get Scrivener 3 today for $45, or for only $25 as an upgrade. (I love this software so much that I went ahead and paid the new-user price for it to help support its continued development!)

All of my Scrivener-related tutorials in this blog use earlier versions of Scrivener, so while I think they are still useful, be mindful that there will be differences if you are trying to replicate what I've done using Scrivener 3. In the future, I'll replicate those tutorials using the new version. In addition, Literature & Latte has a handy guide for Scrivener 2 users to help learn about the new features of Scrivener 3.

If you're a writer with a Mac, be sure to check out Scrivener 3 today!